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2015 Calendar

September 1              Program:  Hostas

September 4             Nature Trail Committee Meeting

September 11            Tour: Niche Gardens, Chapel Hill

September 18           Nature Trail Workday

October 6                  Program:  Dirty Hands Plant Exchange

October 8                  GCNC District 10 Meeting, Raleigh

October 9                  Nature Trail Committee Meeting

October 16                Nature Trail Workday

October 17                Tour: Architectural Trees, Bahama

November 3             Program:  Daylillies

November 6             Nature Trail Committee Meeting

November 20          Nature Trail Workday

December TBA       Annual Christmas Party

December 4            Nature Trail Committee Meeting

2016 Calendar

January 5              Program:  NC DOT Wildflowers

January 8              Nature Trail Committee Meeting

February 2            Program:  Vertical Gardens

February 5            Nature Trail Committee Meeting

February 20         Tour:  Logan’s, Raleigh

March 1                 Program: Miracle of Monarch Butterfly 

March 4                Nature Trail Committee Meeting

March TBA           Tour:  Herb Garden, Wake Forest

March 18              Nature Trail Workday

April 5                   Program: Annual Plant Sale

April 8                  Nature Trail Committee Meeting

April TBA            Tour:  Big Bloomers, Sanford

April 15                Nature Trail Workday

May 3                   Program:  Herbs

May 6                   Nature Trail Committee Meeting

May 7                   Annual Plant Sale

May TBA             Tour:  De Hart Botanical Gardens, Louisburg

May 20                Nature Trail Workday

June TBA            End of Year Picnic

June 10                Nature Trail Committee Meeting

June TBA            Tour:  Duke Gardens, Durham

June 17                Nature Trail Workday






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