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The Steel Magnolias Garden Club (SMGC) was established in March of 1998 when a group of ladies in the Town of Zebulon created a formal garden club for those who loved nature and gardening.  This original group decided that the garden club would become a civic organization committed to the Zebulon community.  The founder members declared:

“The purpose of the Club shall be to study the art of gardening, to stimulate knowledge and love of gardening, to encourage both civic and home beautification, and to promote the conservation of our area’s natural resources.”

The founder members chose the Magnolia as the club flower and Green & White as the club colors.  In September of 1998, a Garden Party was held inviting and welcoming new members to join as charter members.  Many of the original founder members and charter members have continued to serve with commitment and dedication to the SMGC.

The SMGC was also accepted as a federated garden club member of the Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc. (GCNC) and the National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC).  The SMGC has been recognized by the GCNC as an Honor Club each year for outstanding service.  The SMGC has received the following awards as a result of the pursuit to achieve the club’s purpose:

  •  Julia Hege Flower Show Award, 1st Place, GCNC (2004)
    Marianna M. Brown Yearbook Award, Blue Ribbon, District 10 (2005)
    Hannah McNeill McMillan Arbor Day Award-2nd Place, GCNC (2006)
    Karen Suzanne Brenza Butterfly Garden Award-1st Place, GCNC (2010)
    Constance Stallings Yearbook Award, Blue Ribbon, District 10 (2010)
















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